Welcome Wayfarer!

All hail, wayfarer! Welcome to our campaign. Come and explore the adventures of Grimgar Glorasson, Zadek Drachenfluch, Lady Miyaro Takumo Raj´viel, Lini Ruumis and “the great” Gilmondo Muhadin Saba, in their mighty fight to save the world from the rising evil!

Unfortunately most of our Wiki is written in German. If you don’t mind, you will find a world full of magic and inspiration. The map below, as well as our adventure log will give you an overview of all the places our heroes have already visited. If you do mind: have a look at our (mostly) English rules section. We’re introducing some new classes, feats and spells and have helpful explanations of general Pathfinder rules in there as well.


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The Dark Lord

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