School, Type: Transmutation [good]
Slot: Helm
Usage: Use-Activated [good], 50 charges, 2/day
Effect: Tree Shape, CL3
Value: 3360g

A Crown made of wood decorated with 50 never deceasing shimmering leaves of different trees. When picking one of the leaves, the user transforms into a Tree of the leafs kind as by the Tree Shape spell for 3 hours. Only 2 leaves can be picked each day and only by Good people. Picking additional leaves will render them useless. When in tree shape the user can drop a leaf of the tree to prolong the duration as long as the maximum amount of daily uses is not reached. The user can replace any leaf on the crown with another nonmagical leaf from any tree as a full-round-action, whereby the magic is transported from the replaced to the new leaf.



The Dark Lord Liru