Sattel des außergewöhnlichen Familiars

Ein außergewöhnlicher Sattel der ein Familiar zu einem vielseitigen Kämpfer, Begleiter, und Reittier machen kann.


Base Masterwork exotic military saddle (tiny/small dragon)
School, Type transmutation
Slot Body
Usage Wearing
Base Effects 75% chance to stay in saddle when knocked out, +2 to riding checks to stay in saddle, Small saddle bags holding 1 square foot (10 lbs) of material.
Effects At will (permanent): Enlarge Familiar CL 1, Permanent: Ant Haul CL 1, At will: Prestidigitation to handle up to two items (see description).
Value 5570gp

This masterwork exotic military riding saddle made for small or tiny exotic animals like dragons is an exceptional accessory, tool and supportive gear intended to make the familiar more versatile in battle and everyday situations, giving it a grasp of the possibilities of its master. The saddle grows in size as the wearer grows over time and fits so perfectly it nearly fuses with him, not slowing him down or hampering him in any way.
The familiar or its master can use the saddle any time to increase the size of the familiar by one category (as by Enlarge Familiar). In combination with the permanent Ant Haul for the wearer of the saddle it enables most familiars with a fitting anatomy (four legged or winged creatures with a solid body) to carry a person of small or medium size with ease.
Additionally the familiar can at will as a move action store or grab an item weighting up to 1 lb from/into the bags of the saddle or touched by his body and move, use, attach to or loosen the item from his body using Prestidigitation. This way he can only wield two items at a time, e.g. having one Object attached and picking another one up to store it in his bags. Further he can apply other effects ranging in the power category of prestidigitation to himself or his equipment, but not other objects, things or creatures. Items attached to his body in this manner count as worn or held respectively for the purpose of disarm or item activation and especially it allows the familiar to activate wands or use-activated magic items with unbiased aim.

Creation: Cost: 2785gp, Enlarge Familiar (CL 1), Ant Haul (CL 1), Prestidigitation (CL 1)


Market Value Calculation:

Dragon Familiar Riding Saddle
(Mwk exotic military saddle)

Base Cost: 60gp (Market price)
Bags (10 lbs): 10gp (Market price)
1. Enlarge Familiar: 2000gp (Use-activated/continuous, SL x CL x 2,000 gp) = 1 × 1 × 2000
2. Ant Haul: 2000gp (Use-activated/continuous, SL x CL x 2,000 gp) = 1 × 1 × 2000
3. Prestidigitation: 333gp (Use-activated/continuous, minor x0.33) = 0.5 × 1 × 0.33 x 2000
Two magic effects: 1000gp (Lower Cost x 1.5)
Three magic effects: 166gp (Lower Cost x 1.5)

Total: 5570gp

Creation: 50% market value

Sattel des außergewöhnlichen Familiars

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