Diese Feats können in der Kampagne zusätzlich erworben werden. Sie sind dazu gedacht um ein paar kleine Balancing-Macken einiger Pathfinder Klassen auszugleichen. Weitere Feats können vorgeschlagen werden.

Combat Feats

Two-Weapon Assault

When charging while dual-wielding you can use two weapons to quickly attack multiple times.
Prerequisites: Two-Weapon-Fighting, 16 Dex
Effect: When wielding two one-handed weapons made for a creature of your size you can as a full-round-action charge and attack the target with a full round-attack instead of a single attack at a penalty of -4/-4. The penalty is reduced by -2/-2 when using light weapons. When using Two-Weapon Assault you can only charge at half the usual charge speed, which is equal to you normal land speed, but still need a straight line to charge. When charging with only half your base land speed the attack penalty is reduced by an additional -2/-2.
Normal: After moving you can only attack with one weapon as standard action.

Blade Flurry

You can whirl your blades in a deadly flurry of blows and attack more quickly in less time while moving and attacking with two one-handed slashing weapons.
Prerequisites: Two-Weapon-Fighting, +5BAB, 18 Dex
Effect: When using two one-handed slashing weapons made for a creature of your size you can as a full-round-action move up to your base land speed and make a full-round-attack at a penalty of -6/-6. This penalty is reduced to -2/-2 when using light weapons.
Normal: After moving you can only attack with one weapon as standard action.

Weapon Finesse, Improved

Using dexterity and anatomical knowledge you can wield light melee weapons with more precision and make each attack count by positioning it at effective spots.
Prerequisites: Weapon Finesse, 16 Dex, 12 Int
Effect: With a light weapon, rapier, elven curved blade, whip or spiked chain made for a creature of your size you may use your Dexterity-Modifier instead of the Strength-Modifier on damage rolls. If you wear a shield the armor check penalty reduces the Dexterity-Bonus to damage. The Strength bonus to attack damage is removed but a negative strength modifier still applies to the damage value. The Dexterity based damage bonus is precision damage and therefore does not apply to creatures that are immune to flanking and precision damage like elementals.
Special: Natural Weapons are considered light weapons for the purpose of this feat.
Normal: With normal Weapon Finesse you can add your dexterity modifier only to the attack roll, not to the damage roll.

Combat Foresight

You can place your action anywhere in a fight.
Prerequisites: 12 Wis
Benefit: You can delay your action during a fight. If you do so you can always intervene just as if you had readied an action.
Normal: You have to prepare an action and call what trigger you are waiting for.

Item Creation Feats

Gifted Craftsman

You can weave unknown magic into crafted goods.
Prerequisites: X + 2 ranks in any craft skill, depending on the chosen craft (see text)
Effect: Choose one of the following craft skills when selecting this feat to enable the creation of corresponding magical items: Craft (Arms and Armor) for Magic Arms, Armor and Shields, Craft (Jewelry) for Magic Rings and Amulets, Craft (Alchemy) for Magic Potions and Ointments, or Craft (Constructs) for Magic Constructs.
You gain to ability to craft these items as if you had the respective Item Creation Feat, even if you do not have the required caster level to do so or are no caster at all. You can create magic items of this category up to a CL of your skill ranks minus 2. Items crafted in this manner are more difficult to create, increasing the DC of craft checks by +2. Also, if you cannot “provide” required spells for crafted items on your own you therefore must circumvent them by taking another +5 on the craft DC or use an external source to provide them, like a wand or someone else casting it for you.

You can only select this feat for a craft skill whose ranks are at least 2 points higher than the CL requirement of the respective Item Creation Feat. You can select this feat multiple times. Every time you select it you can choose a different Craft skill and must meet the respective Craft skill rank requirement individually.
Normal: You cannot create magical items without an item creation feat, which requires you to be a caster.

Magic Feats


You can do complex actions while staying con­centrated, including casting more spells.
Effect: You can do regular actions that require concentration while still staying concentrated on your current spell. When you are required to perform an action that requires concentration, make a concentration check to see if you may keep a spell you currently concentrate on. If you fail, the spells end immediately, if you fail by 5 or more it also prevents you from doing what you wanted to do with your action. The base DC for the check is 10 and is increased by 5 for every spell currently concentrated on plus the levels of all spells currently concentrated on.
You can even cast other spells while staying concentrated. This increases the DC additionally by the spell level of the new spell you attempt to cast. If you fail the concentration check, you lose your active spells and succeed at casting the new one. If you fail by 5 or more, you lose the new spell as well.

Normal: You can only concentrate on only one spell or action at a time and automatically lose all spells that require concentration when performing another action requireing you to concentrate.

Lasting Spells

Your spells auras dissipate much slower, allowing you to recover ongoing spells after you have lost concentration on them.
Effect: Whenever you lose a spell with a duration of concentration its aura lingers on for a number of rounds equal to your spellcasting modifier (INT/CHA/WIS), but never longer than the spell would have originally lasted if it had a duration limitation beyond concentration. During this time you can bring that spell back to life again as a standard action. The reactivation is done by performing the spell anew, which as all casting is subject to spell resistance, countermeasures, attacks of opportunity, and concentration, but does not spend a spell slot or material components that were already paid. The effect of the spell continues as if it was temporarily suppressed by a null magic field.
You can use this ability up to 4 times per day plus an additional time for every 3 levels of the respective spell casting class you possess and that matches the spell you want to recover.

Normal: Spells you lose concentration on are lost for good.

Repair Shadows

You can repair Shadow Illusions.
Prerequisites: Spell Focus (Illusion)
Benefit: You can repair a Shadow Illusion you control by using any spell with the Illusion (Shadow) modifier you prepared that day as a standard action. The Shadow Illusion regenerates spell-level×d10 HP.

Shadow Gambit (Metamagic)

You can tap into the Plane of Shadow to momentarily lend reality to one of your illusion spells (figment and suitable glamor spells at GM discretion).
Prerequisites: Spell Focus (Illusion), caster level 5th
Benefit: You can use a swift action to make your illusion become a Shadow Illusion. If you do so it becomes real instantaneous and lasts on for one more round until it disappears.
Every spell modified by this meta­magic feat becomes a spell of the school “Illusion (Shadow)” and as such gains the [shadow] modifier and may be countered by any spell with the [light] modifier of equal or higher caster level.
Level Increase: +1

Shadow Manifestation (Metamagic)

You learned how to weave material of the sha­dow plane into your illusions to make them real.
Prerequisites: Shadow Gambit (Metamagic), caster level 8th
Benefit: Instead of your regular illusion, you create a Shadow Illusion of that spell. It lasts real as long as it’s base spell.
Every spell modified by this meta­magic feat becomes a spell of the school “Illusion (Shadow)” and as such gains the [shadow] modifier and may be countered by any spell with the [light] modifier of equal or higher caster level.
Level Increase: +3

Arcane Illusion

Your illusion includes arcane structures.
Prerequisites: Spell Focus (Illusion)
Benefit: A Illusion spell casted as an Arcane Illusion covers its magic aura. Seeing the illusion in an arcane view (like with arcane sight) does not give a bonus on willsave checks. True Seeing requires a willsave.
Level Increase: +1


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